The Lia and Reese Story

Falling pregnant 7 years after my first born was a dream come true, I always wanted more than one child and here I was – true happiness… Until my clothes didn’t fit me anymore! That is when reality hit me – no chain store sells Maternity Clothes anymore! The closest Maternity Store was 30km’s away, quite a travelling nightmare for a pregnant lady with Gestational Diabetes and constant swelling of my already tired and aching limbs. That finally sorted, I moved onto the next stage – the Baby’s Nursery. Oh my goodness, the decisions were endless! After deciding on a theme and colour scheme, I realised that convenience isn’t the name of this game. I had to visit a few shops and place orders from various stores around the country to get everything I needed to complete the picture of the Nursery I imagined in my head. What a mission! That was my “lightbulb” moment – I knew that I wasn’t the only Mom wishing there was an easier more convenient way.

And so Lia and Reese was born…

PS: What’s in a name – why Lia and Reese? These are the nicknames I lovingly call my 2 eldest daughters. Since they were my inspiration, it was just fitting to name the Boutique after them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a “one stop shop” supporting Moms through this journey in their life – from Pregnancy and Nesting up until the end of their Breastfeeding path. We offer a wide range of Maternity Wear, Breastfeeding/Nursing-Friendly Clothing, Underwear and Accessories, Baby Wear, Baby Gifts and Necessities as well as Nursery Décor and Furniture. We pride ourselves in our excellent client service and professionalism – our client reviews bare witness!

And if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find it for you!