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Can I wear my baby facing outward in an Ubuntu Baba Carrier?

By September 10, 2019 No Comments

We wanted to share the answer to this question with you as it’s the most frequently asked question we get. This is also not to say that you shouldn’t purchase an outward facing carrier, should you feel that is best for you and your baby – there are many outward facing ergonomic options out there, this is just the reasoning on why the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Ubuntu Baba baby carriers HAVE NOT been designed to be used in this position, so we don’t recommend you do it.

Ubuntu Baba carriers have not been designed to be used in an outward facing position for the following reasons:

Tripping hazard:
If you trip while wearing your baby in an outward facing position, their arms, legs and face would hit the ground first. When wearing your baby in an inward facing position, it is more likely that you will be able to use your hands to stop any part of your baby’s body from hitting the ground. This is because of the position of their limbs in relation to your body.

Breathing safety:
When your baby is facing away from you, it is a lot more tricky to constantly monitor their breathing. If your baby were to fall asleep in this position, there is a great risk that their chin could fall to their chest, which can cause asphyxiation in young babies as it blocks their airways. With an inward facing position, your babies head would rest on your chest, avoiding the dropping of the chin.

Ergonomics for the wearer:
Your centre of gravity is totally different when you wear your baby facing outwards as opposed to facing inwards. This places a lot more pressure on your lower back and shoulders to make up for the extra gravitational force, meaning that you will feel the weight a lot sooner.

Ergonomics for your baby:
The first year of life and the movement experiences you provide your baby are key to proper spinal development. All babies are born with their spine in a convex curve in the shape of the letter C. When you place your baby in an outward facing baby carrier, this natural C curve is forced into a reverse C shape, which is why you will always notice that when purchasing outward facing carriers, they will always recommend to not carry your baby in this position for more than 20 minutes at a time, as it is not optimal for spinal development. Your baby will only complete their spinal development between 12-18 months, once they have mastered walking upright.

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