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Essentials That Every Mom Needs

By March 23, 2022 No Comments
Baby grabbing mom's finger

Essentials That Every Mom Needs

Being a mom isn’t an easy “job”. It is even tougher if you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, both with their own ups and downs. Therefore, we have done a bit of research and asked a few moms what they have found to be essential and helped make their life a bit easier.  We would love to share this with you!


Every child goes through teething, with the first tooth normally appearing between 4-6 months. Teething is quite a painful experience for your little one. During teething they may struggle to sleep, cry more, drool, tend to eat less than usual, and like to chew on random objects.  Best advice: be prepared!

  1. Invest in toys/objects that are specifically designed for babies to chew on like BIBS Baby Bities, Wooden Teethers or other toys (view here) designed for babies going through teething. Teething toys allow babies to soothe their gums by chewing on the object and limits the likelihood of them putting foreign objects in their mouths that could potentially be harmful and unsafe.
  2. You can also invest in a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. Baltic Amber contains an anti-inflammatory and analgesic substance called Succinic Acid it is part of ancient tradition for babies to wear Amber as a natural remedy to boost the immune system, soothe inflammation, and accelerate healing, especially when teething.
  3. Copaiba Essential Oil. Support your little one’s sensitive and itching gums through the dreaded teething stage, the natural way.

Nappy Bags

There is nothing worse than being out and about with your baby/toddler, and forgetting essentials at home or not being able to carry all their ‘accessories’ to a restaurant. Young children or infants need a lot of items: nappies, wet wipes, bottles, milk, dummies, clothes and much more. Therefore, a nappy bag should be at the top of your list for baby essentials! Your nappy bag is an investment piece to make outings with your little one a breeze. We offer different types of nappy bags from backpacks to slingbags and much more. Giving you a bag for every occasion and style! View them all here.

Feeding Time

Everyone needs to eat, including babies and toddlers. We all know that feeding a baby can be quite a messy experience. Self-feeding is such an important milestone in your little one’s development. However, we have products to make messy meals – minimal mess and no fuss!

  1. Grippy Bowl/Plate and Spoon Set

It suctions to baby’s feeding chair to prevent accidental spills, while the handles and grippy spoon helps the baby or toddler to have better grip on the utensils.

  1. Silicone Pocket Bib

Many parents swear by these. Made from soft food grade silicone, it has a ‘bucket’ to catch any crumbs and spills. Easy to wash after a meal. It can also fold into itself, so pop it into your nappy bag for meals on the go.

  1. Sleeved Bibs

These bibs are amazing for messy meals and messy play! Made from waterproof material, they prevent stains from reaching your clothes. They also have a ‘catchment pocket’ crumbs, etc.  They are adjustable and comes with sleeves or no sleeves.

  1. Training Cups

Also a firm favourite. Comes with handles and straw to help little ones adjust from bottle feeding to self feeding.


Such a versatile and essential addition to any baby/toddler room. We highly recommend Young Living Diffusers as they are multifunctional, and you get more bang for your buck! The Feather the Owl and the Happy the Penguin diffusers also functions as humidifiers and night lights. Both of them also have white noise sounds to soothe niggly little ones. View the range here.

You can also add Young Living essential oils to your diffuser, depending on which concern you want to address i.e. Dreamease for sleep, Eucalyptus Radiata for seasonal changes, etc.


Being a mom is not easy, however, investing in some much-needed essential items can make “Momming” so much easier!

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