When do I start to wear Maternity Clothes?

Pregnancy is different for everyone – some will experience their bodies changing in the First Trimester already whereas a lucky few only experience these changes late in their Second Trimester. A good time to start purchasing Maternity Wear is as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable in your clothing, your Jeans might start to press on your belly, your Tops might feel too short or your bra is starting to pinch you – you’ll know!

Our Maternity Wear is designed to be worn before, during and after Pregnancy. The fit and styling is of such a nature that it will suit you through all stages of your pregnancy.

How do I know which size to buy?

Generally, we recommend that you start with your pre-pregnancy size and this should be your size throughout your pregnancy (unless you are carrying twins, then this changes things slightly). Our garments cater for growth and therefore you don’t need to “upsize”. There is of course exceptions to the rule, as some Mommies-to-be pick up more weight than others, but starting with your pre-pregnancy size is still a good guideline.

Will I need a new Bra during pregnancy?

Oh the joys of pregnancy! Your breasts, like the rest of your body, are changing. They will become bigger and more sensitive. Therefor a comfortable Bra is an essential part of your wardrobe.

Can/Should I wear a Feeding Bra during pregnancy?

Entirely up to you. Most women however prefer investing in decent Feeding Bras during pregnancy, which they can then also use to nurse after birth. Keep in mind that your breasts will be growing throughout your pregnancy and even more so once your milk “comes in”. Thus whichever Bra you choose should allow for some growing space.

What size Bra should I buy?

Yummy Maternity takes the guess work out of sizing your Bra. Their Nursing Bras are soft and stretchy and it only comes in the sizes S/M and M/L, meaning that one size fits from bump to babe!

S/M = pre–pregnancy dress size 28 up to size 34
M/L = pre–pregnancy dress size 36 up to size 42

The cups on the Nursing Bras and Nursing Cami’s are designed to stretch from an A to a DD (and that’s before nursing!)

Made from luxurious uber comfortable Bamboo, it is comfortable enough for sensitive preggie boobs and supportive enough for nursing.