Baby Digestive Support

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Support your little one’s digestive system by assisting with the relief of cramps, winds, constipation, etc.
This Baby Digestive Support Bundle includes:
– 5ml Digize Essential Oil Blend
– 5ml Orange Essential Oil
– 10ml Glass Roller (White Cap) filled with Grapeseed Oil – just add your essential oils!
How to use:
  • In a 10ml Roller add your essential oils (see ratios below) and fill up with a Carrier Oil such as Grapeseed or Fractionated Coconut Oil.
  • Apply in a circle round baby’s navel and gently massage in a clockwise motion. * Not for ingestion
0-3 month old baby
  •  1 drop Digize
  • 1 drop Orange

4-23 month old baby

  • 2 drops Digize
  • 2 drops Orange

2-6 year old child

  • 3 drops Digize
  • 3 drops Orange


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