Clean Touch Ink Pad: 0-6 months – Twin Kit

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The smart inkless touch design guarantees no direct contact between baby’s skin and the ink! How amazing is that! Just one press can capture and reveal the greatest details of your baby’s hand and feet easily.

Strong ink absorbency with no smear. Create a lasting memory of your baby’s tiny print as keepsakes. Perfect for baby gift, baby shower or baby registry. It can be used for a 0-6 months baby handprint or footprint.

The Twin Kit includes 2 x Ink Pads and 4 x paper sheets.


  1. Put the paper on a flat surface. Place the “Imprint Love” printer on top of the paper, with the ink side towards the paper.
  2. Hold the infants hand or foot on top of the clean film. Press down the designated areas of the hand or foot with even force.
  3. Remove the printer and review the print. Repeat until satisfied with print.



Material: Printing oil
Frame Dimensions: app.12.5 cm x 8 cm
Color: Black and White
Weight: 30g

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