Collection Headbands/Bows Set


The Collection Sets consist of 4 adjustable Headbands and 4 interchangeable Bows. These Headbands and Bows can be mixed & matched within the set, or with any other Kleine Headbands & Bows. Can also be worn individually.

Adjustable Headbands, what does that mean?

Each Headband has a little plastic buckle that you can slide to adjust the size from a Newborn to and Adult! So what does that mean? So these Headbands will fit your little princess even if she is not that little anymore.

Interchangeable Bows, what does that mean?

Each Bow has a clip that you clip into a little loopy on the Headbands. So  you can clip any of the Bows onto any of the Headbands… ta-da!

Remember: You can also wear any of the Bows individually too!


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