MUSTARD Baby Wrap Carrier


The Tulips & Tea Baby Wrap Carrier is made of a long, 5m, piece of stretchable, but durable fabric for you to wear your baby in up to 8 wrapping styles, and to enjoy all the advantages of having your baby so close to your body.

Your baby wrap is locally weaved and made from a mixture of Cotton. This is a superior quality material that will not wear out easily, although it has a 4-way- stretch. For the comfort of your baby there are no buckles or clasps.

The genuine leather label on your baby wrap is treated to be infant-friendly. We use the tummy skin of sheep or game, being the softest leather to soothe your baby.

Your Tulips & Tea Baby Wrap Carrier is ‘One size fits all’, being 5 metres long and 55 centimetres wide. We advise a 10kg weight limit.


• The label is treated so that it will not stain the material, whilst being washed.
• The cotton will shrink if you use a tumble drier.

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