Super Stretch Skinny Jeans – Black


These incredible Super Stretch skinnies are a must for the lover of the Skinny look, and anyone looking for that ulitmate comfort pant.

  • It has a stretch Cotton/Elastane waistband that can fold over to give extra hold, and will grow with you throughout your pregnancy.
  • Made in Cotton Denim with added Elastane/Poly blend for comfort, fit and recovery when worn.


Generally, we recommend that you start with your pre-pregnancy size and this should be your size throughout your pregnancy (unless you are carrying twins, then this changes things slightly). Our garments cater for growth and therefore you don’t need to “upsize”. There is of course exceptions to the rule, as some Mommies-to-be pick up more weight than others, but starting with your pre-pregnancy size is still a good guideline!