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Nappy Bags…

By July 9, 2018 2 Comments

Nappy Bags are one of the most used items on a Mothers “essential” or “must have” list. The options are endless as well as the price range. But how to choose the right one for your family and your needs? See a Nappy Bag becomes a Handbag, a Wetbag,  a Wallet, a hidden Sweetie hideout, etc. LOL

With my firstborn, Clarese,  10 years ago – there weren’t a lot of options and I just used the Nappy Backpack I received from Netcare. It wasn’t spacious at all, didn’t have compartments and to find what you need was always a ‘rumble in the jungle’. I don’t even think it had pockets for her bottles. Gosh so probably didn’t even qualify as a Nappy Backpack at all.

When I fell pregnant with Thalia, 7 years later and after we expected I would never fall pregnant after a Cervical Cancer ordeal (more about that later), I set out to find the best for my miracle baby girl. I thought Leather Bags and custom Bags were overrated and set off to my local Baby Chain Store to view the selection. Was I unpleasantly surprised at the lack of options and the pricing was just ridiculous! I settled for a “Name Brand” Bag that cost me R1000, thinking I found the one – it had lots of compartments inside, 2 bottle pockets and seperate pockets for my personal stuff. Thalia was 2 months old when my fancy “Name Brand” Nappy Bag broke – it tore 4 seams where the straps are connected to attach it to my pram and wham! the bag and all its contents were scattered in the parking lot at our local Grocer – not the happiest day of my life. Back home I phoned the well know Baby Chain Store I made the purchase from just to be advised that there are no warranties or guarantees on this “Name Brand”. I was livid!

Then we opened Lia and Reese and my search for the ultimate Nappy Bag continued. I came accross Thandana Bags online and immediately I was drawn to them. Thandana Bags are proudly South African, made with the finest genuine Bovine leather in Durban. I got in touch and ordered our first Bag to scrutinise if it met my high standards. I was blown away! The quality was superb, their Bags are spacious, comes with a matching Changing Mat and is so well priced. Their Nappy Bags also have a timeless feel to it – it doesn’t look “baby-ish” and can thus be used for many years to come i.e. as a Toddler Bag, Overnight Bag, Large Handbag etc.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that when Melea was born (15 months after Thalia – another big surprise!) that my Hazelnut Leather Nappy Bag was big enough to fit both babies necessities in. Now that is hard to find! Our Nappy Bag is now 1.5 years old and still look and feel as perfect as the day I received it.

Thandana offers Leather and Waterproof Fabric options in their designs – ‘Traditional’ Nappy Bag, Nappy Backpack, Mini Nappy Bag and Nappy Wallet. Their are 4 Leather options – Hazelnut, Tobacco, Grey and Black and in the Waterproof Fabric they have 5 designs – Leafing Around, Pineapple Dotty, Toucan Tango, Scale Away with Me and Chain Reaction. Each Waterproof Fabric design is also available in different Colours. So you can choose which Design and Colour suits your style and personality!

We are all familiar with ‘Traditional’ Nappy Bags and Backpacks, but Thandana has extended their range by offering Mini Nappy Bags and Nappy Wallets as well. Mini Nappy Bags are smaller than your traditional Nappy Bags and are the perfect fit for the minimalist Mom. The Mini Nappy Bags also have a built-in Changing Mat making it perfect for travels. The Nappy Wallet is the latest addition to the range it has 2 x Large separate compartments for Nappies and Cream and 2 x Smaller separate compartments for disposable packets and freshener. It’s perfect for Nappy emergencies – keep it in your car or your handbag for quick trips to teh Changing Station when out and about. Thandana is truly catering for all Mommies and Mommies-to-be’s needs.

As part of our Birthday Month Celebrations we are offering our valued clients 10% OFF on the Thandana Nappy Bag range as well as FREE Delivery to all main centres in South Africa – how awesome is that!

Shop the range now by clicking on the Link.

  • Offer ends Sunday 15 July


Have a blessed week Mamas!


Love, Janine


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  • I have been eyeing Thandana’s range of nappy bags for years, they’re absolutely beautiful. Good to know where to find them in my hood.
    Hardest part would be deciding on which one to choose. Dang it.

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